Consulting Services

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"I want to have the most efficient practice around.  What can I do?"

I will come to your practice to meet with your staff and providers to understand where opportunities lie.  Many times small changes yield great results.  Other times, larger process improvements need to be implemented in order to achieve the change desired.  An experienced outside set of eyes can help you identify areas for improvement.  Tools I use to assess these opportunities are:

  • Staff and provider needs assessments

  • Technology assessments

  • Patient feedback

  • Financial analysis

People Engagement

People management is the most difficult and most critical part of your practice.  How do you find good people in the first place? I have hired dozens of people in my roles.  I have nailed down interview questions and techniques to make the hiring process more efficient.

Once you’ve hired good people, how do you keep them? We’ll work together to design staff engagement programs specific to your team that will keep them loving their jobs, which then leads to improved patient care.



Project Management

You have an idea in mind, but not the manpower to complete it.  Here's how I can help:

  • Construction Projects and site expansion

  • Capital Planning

  • Process Improvement